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First and foremost, AccuTech believes that Safety Is No Accident and AccuTech insists on providing safe practices and a drug free workplace. As a result, the firm has had only one reportable incident in over 20 years. Our goal is to return each team member home to their families safely at the end of every day.


Our values are woven into the fabric of AccuTech’s culture creating an environment of fairness, transparency, and opportunity, while delivering value and exceptional projects which stand the test of time. Our character allows no less.


Our leadership requires an unwavering commitment to our partner’s success. Whether it is our client, their staff, tenants, consultants, and financiers, or our subcontractors, vendors and craftworkers, we are one team focused on building for our client’s success.


We assure every project is appropriately staffed with the right number of competent craftworkers and is aggressively inspected to confirm all construction operations exceed the level of quality reflected in the contract documents. Additionally, AccuTech provides for an independent, internal real-time review of all work performed on and off site.


AccuTech views scheduling as a cooperative effort and takes the lead in controlling project schedules by providing open and clear communication with all parties involved. Whether our clients are developing mission critical environments, assisted living facilities or commercial tenant spaces, adhering to milestone dates are critical for project success.


AccuTech has committed to continuously improving our work processes and relational systems through annual participatory exercises which question and clarify best practices. This has resulted in increased reliability, team cohesion, advanced sustainable building techniques and overall owner satisfaction.