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Our Process

Our values are woven into the fabric of AccuTech’sculture creating an environment of fairness, transparency, and opportunity, while delivering value and exceptional projects which stand the test of time. Our character allows no less.

We use this proven process to hold ourselves accountable and to guide you through every step of the process, resulting in clear expectations, ongoing communications and satisfied clients. This is one of the reasons our clients choose us again and again as their preferred commercial contracting partners.

The repairs and refurbishment of the carports were a huge job, and residents were naturally a bit anxious about the project and being inconvenienced. During the weeks that work was being done, residents could see that AccuTech employees were courteous, working quickly, and not cutting corners. We were pleasantly surprised that everything went smoothly with no mishaps” and we are back into our routines.


Village on the Green

STEP 1: This is where we work hard to understand your vision. The more we know, the more we know how we can help you. This may include reviewing preliminary concepts, your preliminary space plan or your full construction documents.

STEP 2:  This is where we help you validate your budget and your timeline. At this point, we know enough to make a determination about whether we are the best fit for your job and we tell you. We don’t want to take on a project we know we can’t do well or within your budget and timeline.

STEP 3:  We work together to finalize the vision for your project. Preliminary budget pricing and the project timeline are established, based on the project parameters that have been defined. This gives you what you need to know before spending money for a full set of design documents.

STEP 4: We then complete and submit the final proposal while also starting the permitting agency process. This step allows us to obtain even more accurate pricing because we have a more complete set of design documents to work from. In addition, we get a good look at the permitting process and how it will affect timing.

STEP 5: After contracts are signed, we provide a project plan and schedule our project kick off meeting, with the key stakeholders on both sides. An on-site manager, or superintendent, is assigned to your project. His responsibility is to manage the foreman of the on-site tradesmen and ensure their compliance with our schedule and job specifications. We also schedule our bi-weekly update calls.

STEP 6: We use a detailed punch list to ensure all elements of the project are delivered to expectation and to hold our sub-contractors accountable. We don’t leave until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

We use two powerful tools to help us manage your project and our teams and run our business. These are:

Procore: ProCore is the system we use to connect our team, applications and devices in one central hub. This remarkable tool helps us manage the life cycle of your construction project. Your ProCore managed and tracked project is fully accessible to you anytime. You see what we see.

Sage: Sage Timberline Office and Sage Master Builder are two of the most well-known construction accounting systems on the market. We use them for construction-specific capabilities such as job costing, AIA/item billing, equipment tracking and more.

ProCore® is an independently owned and operated online platform used by many general construction companies in Central Florida and around the world.

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