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Our Projects and Quality of Work.

Accutech’s expertise in challenging projects sets us apart.

Mission Critical

Infrastructure is the glue to our tech-based lives. Take away access to data and power and the technology whiplash stops life as we know it. AccuTech has spent 18 years working in the mission critical space with regional energy companies and high-density data storage clients

Critical Areas We Specialize In.

Energy Sector

AccuTech’s projects range from significant renovations to construction of operations centers to minor facility repairs. Its superior internal processes enable energy companies to support site safety goals.

Data Storage Space

AccuTech supports providers with the vital requirements of reliable, redundant and robust. It has expanded client facilities with additional space and high performance features such as cooling redundancy, continuous backup power and roof systems resistant to 160 mph winds. It also fits out high tech white space for data storage clients.

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